Oak Park

bathroom Remodel

oak park

Great design makes all the difference - bold material choices were just what was needed to give this little bathroom some BIG personality! Our clients wanted a dark, moody vibe, but had always heard that using dark colors in a small space would only make it feel smaller. Not true! 

Introducing a larger vanity cabinet with more storage and replacing the tub with an expansive walk-in shower immediately made the space feel larger, without any structural alterations. We went with a dark graphite tile that had a mix of texture on the walls and in the shower, but then anchored the space with white shiplap on the upper portion of the walls and a graphic floor tile (with mostly white and light gray tones). This technique of balancing dark tones with lighter tones is key to achieving those moody vibes, without creeping into cavernous territory. Subtle gray/blue/green tones on the vanity blend in well, but still pop in the space, and matte black fixtures add fantastic contrast to really finish off the whole look!

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